Policies and Procedures of The Playroom Creche Claregalway

Children who attend The Playroom Creche can only be collected by their parents, if children are to be collected by anyone else, parents are asked to inform the creche in advance, this includes nominated persons on your child's record form. The named person will be asked for photo id if they have not already been introduced to creche management.
Dealing with Accidents
  • Minor accidents are dealt with within the service.
  • In the event of a serious accident both a parent/guardian and the doctor will be phoned.
  • In line with record keeping requirements, all accidents will be recorded in the accident incident book.
Illness Policy
In order to prevent the spread of infections, diseases and to facilitate the recuperation of a sick child- No sick children will be accommodated in the service. A child who has been sick during the night should not attend the service to pervert the further spread of any infections. All parents are informed if any child attending the service has an infections illness, these include but not limited to; Measles (7days), German measles 4days), Mumps (9days from appearance of Swelling), Whooping cough (21days after cough), Chicken pox (6days from appearance of rash), Bad cold/cough (until coughing/sneezing period has passed), Conjunctivitis (until treated and clear), Impetigo (until skin completely clear), Ringworm (until treated), Scabies (until treatment is underway), Head lice (until treatment has commenced).
Sickness and Exclusion policy
There are times when a staff member may need to call you if your child does become ill during the day, please be assured we do not take this decision lightly as we understand we may be taking you away from your place of work. The close proximity of many people, such as we have in this situation increases the risk of cross infections not only between children but also between staff members.
Immunisation Policy
When you enrol your child in our childcare service please complete the immunisation section on our records form. Parents have the right to choose to immunise their child or not. Not all children attending this service may be immunised. In the event of an outbreak of any kind all parents will be verbally informed.
Toilet Training
The creche will assist with toilet training when agreed with parents and will apply the same methods being used at home.
Settling in Period
We invite and welcome all new parents and children to visit the crèche before the first day. Once you have registered your child,  6 hours are provided free of charge to assist in settling in your child and can be used as you choose once approved by the crèche management. Children react very differently to the same situation so we work with you to ensure this period is as stress free as possible for both you and your child.
Toys and Equipment
All toys and equipment in the playroom provides opportunity with adult supervision to develop new skills and concepts in the course of their play and exploration. We ensure that all toys, equipment, books etc are age appropriate for all the children. We offer challenges to develop physical, social, personal and intellectual skills. All the toys conform to all relevant safety regulations and are kept clean and hygienic at all times. The playroom have suitable equipment small and large, indoor and outdoor to allow children to develop both gross and fine motor skills, physical control, mobility and co-ordination. Social and interaction skills are encouraged and developed always. All aspects of the curriculum help the children to develop their skills, to promote choice and a sense of independence.
Equal Opportunities Policy
It is our policy to respect the individuality of all children and adults involved in our service and to promote positive attitudes to differences of culture, ethnicity, gender, language and financial circumstances. We believe that parents, children and staff can work together to create an environment where diversity can be valued and shared, and in which every individual can both contribute and learn.
Confidentiality Policy
It is our policy to keep confidential all personal information regarding the children, families and staff involved in our service. The playroom maintains information / records relating to each individual child in line with the requirement of data protection and freedom of information legislation.
All food is cooked and prepared on the premises under a strictly monitored HACCP programme recommended by the health board. Our menus are designed to provide a well balanced nutritious diet using a range of fresh food from each food group. At meal times children are encouraged to use good eating habits, stimulate conversation and enhance the quality of the interaction.
Equality and Social Inclusion Policy
The playroom respects the individuality of each child and adult involved in the childcare service. Activities will be carried out with the children with a view to reflecting differences in cultures, genders and ability. We promote positive attitudes to differences of abilities, race, gender, language, belief and social economic circumstances. The service is open to any child with additional or special needs, provided that the possibility of the best outcome for the child is available on the service.
Fire Safety
The service has all the relevant fire safety equipment recommended in the dept of the environments fire safety in pre-schools booklet including fire extinguishers, smoke alarms and fire blankets.
  • The fire safety equipment is checked annually.
  • Fire Drill instructions are posted in each room.
  • A fire drill is carried out with the staff and children each month.
  • A record is kept of all fire drills carried out.
Terms and Conditions of Payment
These terms and conditions reflect the best industry practice by private childcare providers to maintain a smooth running of the playroom facility and allow us to promote stability and assist with forward planning and enable us to offer the highest standard of care so we ask parents / guardians to read carefully through the following points.
Fees and Payments
  • Fees for pre-school are paid monthly in advance.
  • Fees for after-school hour or part or set at fixed rate.
  • Fees must be paid weekly in advance.
  • Fees must be paid even when your child is absent including illness. Payment of hours booked (in reference to the form completed and sign) must be paid in full with no exceptions as this is regarded as a place taken.
  • Fees during holiday periods are charge at an hourly rate.